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(edit) @11529   10 years riopwg Update index.php file in language IT DIR
(edit) @10938   10 years repie38 2.2.x compatible
(edit) @7954   10 years ddtddt [extensions] - Random_Header - add lv_LV (Latvian) thanks to Aivars …
(edit) @7433   10 years riopwg Update language IT
(edit) @7415   10 years repie38 update for translators : need traduction for the last field
(edit) @7414   10 years repie38 fix error message for the new option (not in conf) while upgrade from …
(edit) @7412   10 years repie38 feature:0001114 add an option to make the random image a link to …
(edit) @7401   10 years repie38 Case sensitive url for admin css in some environement. added anti-hack …
(edit) @7383   10 years repie38 css fix for admin panel (centered, min and max width set,scrollbar for …
(edit) @7379   10 years repie38 small css fix to allow long category name and longer input fields
(edit) @7378   10 years repie38 Configuration link was hard coded. use of {'Configuration'|@translate}
(edit) @7362   10 years repie38 change version from 2.2 to 2.1.2
(edit) @7360   10 years repie38 delete data.dat conf file
(edit) @7358   10 years repie38 moved conf file to db (_config table) small fix on admin panel new …
(edit) @7357   10 years repie38 removed "/" in "<br>" for w3c compliance in language files
(edit) @7333   10 years samli [extensions] [Random_Header] add HU language
(edit) @7332   10 years samli [extensions] [Random_Header] add HU language
(edit) @7330   10 years repie38 New admin panel
(edit) @7184   10 years ddtddt [Branche2] - Random_Header - add de_DE thanks to Matterhorn
(edit) @7134   10 years repie38 version 2.1, compatible with piwigo 2.1.x added missing description files
(edit) @5879   11 years jpr928 update ES_es language
(edit) @5755   11 years riopwg Update language IT for Random_Header
(edit) @5721   11 years datajulien add Italian language for AStat exif_view gvideo lightbox meta …
(edit) @5499   11 years repie38 Test for get_file_contents() existence
(edit) @5487   11 years repie38
(edit) @5486   11 years repie38 new release for utf8 reasons
(edit) @5485   11 years repie38 test for utf8 format
(edit) @5483   11 years vdigital On repie38 request convert UTF-8 without BOM
(edit) @5465   11 years repie38 2.0.c adding of get_file_contents function to avoid …
(edit) @4822   11 years ddtddt [extensions]- [Random_Header] add description ES
(edit) @4538   11 years repie38 -added 'type="text/css"' in <style> -added explanation on …
(edit) @3705   12 years ddtddt Add ES to Random_Header extension
(edit) @3687   12 years repie38 [random header]fix issue with yoga/grum-dark II and gally/grum-dark II …
(edit) @3684   12 years repie38 import of the current version (2.0)
(add) @3671   12 years plg Subversion administration: create Random_Header extension for repie38
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