A list of terms used within Piwigo.

Album : A set of photos. An album can include sub-albums. A photo can belong to several albums.

Association : A photo can be associated to one or several albums. A photo associated to no album is called an “orphan” photo.

CSS : Description language, used to describe graphic parameters of Piwigo's HTML pages. For example, link color.

Gallery : Each installation of Piwigo is a gallery.

MOD : Code modifications. They have been replaced by plugins with Piwigo 1.7 (in 2007). You can browse MOD archives.

MySQL : Database engine. This is where Piwigo saves data like photo description or user comments.

PHP : Programming language used by Piwigo.

Physical association : (only when using synchronization to add photos) after synchronization, each photo is associated with its physical album.

Physical album : An album that is linked to a directory in the filesystem, see “Synchronization”.

Plugin : a means of extending the gallery by adding functionality without modifying Piwigo core code.

Private album : An album with restricted access. When an admin marks an album as private, you must give explicit permissions for each user or group to access that album.

Release : Equivalent to ”version”. See more on Branches and releases

Status : the role of the user within the gallery.

Style : see “Theme”.

Synchronization : During synchronization, Piwigo will scan folders and files under the ”galleries” directory and create corresponding albums and photos in the database.

Template : HTML pages models. Known as *.tpl files. PHP read templates files and convert them in pure HTML language. Compared to HTML files, template files may include loops or conditions.

Template extension : alternative template files that change the functionality of the gallery and theme.

Theme : The look and feel of the gallery. Everything related to the display is in the theme. It includes CSS stylesheets, icons, template files.

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