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At the beginning of Piwigo project, back in 2002, the whole communication around Piwigo was done with the forum. The forum is where the main part of the community can be found, being developers or end users.

You should look at our Glossary to clarify all terms used in discussions. It will be easier to understand each other this way.

Time passes by and forum was kept for discussion, but other information go through other means. This page will describe all the tools we set to communicate with you.


The Piwigo bugtracker has 2 missions: bug notifications and feature requests. This is the most efficient way to ensure bugs to get fixed. As long as a bug is not fixed, its issue stays in the bugtracker. Unlike forum posts, it's impossible for bugs entries to be forgotten about.

For further details, read the Bug tracking system page.


Here you are! Wiki is the continuously improved documentation of the project.

This kind of documentation should consolidate information and thus reduce the forum load. We talk about the way Piwigo works, from features descriptions to development tutorial and best practices.

You can help to fill or translate the wiki. The Wiki user guide is here to help you start smoothly.


The forum remains the main communication channel for discussing or getting help. Help mainly focuses on installation and usages when wiki doesn't provide them.

Historically, forum is the oldest communication mode, it started with the project. It brought so many discussions over years, that many redundancies can be found. Search can help you to find information however be careful on version and on advice creation dates, that's will be helpful to find the best and accurate topic.


In 2011, we have opened the Translation Tool where you can translated Piwigo in any language, just with your web browser.


On june 6th 2009, Piwigo has started a new blog ”Pierrick on Piwigo”. As the project founder, Pierrick writes about the project life. This is not the “official Piwigo blog”, it's Pierrick writing about Piwigo :-)

Announcements Newsletter

It is highly recommended to subscribe to the Piwigo Announcements Newsletter. This newsletter will keep you informed about new versions of Piwigo and any other important event related to Piwigo.

Social Media

Piwigo has an account on Twitter and a page on Facebook. Pierrick (Piwigo Founder) has an account on Google+ where he mainly writes about Piwigo.

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