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Technical changes in Piwigo 2.7

add_event_handler() 4th parameter

The fourth parameter of add_event_handler function was used to tell the number of parameters which will be transmitted to the callback. This is no longer used: all parameters given to trigger_change or trigger_notify are always transmitted to all callback.

But the fourth parameter is still used: if a string is given it will be used as a file path included just before the callback (with include_once).

// procedural
add_event_handler('init', 'my_init',
  MY_PLUGIN_PATH . 'include/callbacks.php'
// OOP with static method
add_event_handler('init', array('MyClass', 'init'),
  MY_PLUGIN_PATH . 'include/myclass.php'

If the 4th parameter is anything else than a string it is ignored.

trigger_change / trigger_notify

Following what was announced for Piwigo 2.6, the functions trigger_event and trigger_action were deleted. You must use trigger_change and trigger_notify instead.

Plugin maintenance class

We introduced a new pattern for maintenance of plugins, this uses a PHP class named after your plugin and define din a maintain.class.php file with the following methods:

 * PLUGINID must be replaced by the directory name of your plugin
class PLUGINID_maintain extends PluginMaintain
  function install($plugin_version, &$errors=array()) { ... }
  function activate($plugin_version, &$errors=array()) { ... }
  function update($old_version, $new_version, &$errors=array()) { ... }
  function deactivate() { ... }
  function uninstall() { ... }

The update method can be called outside the automatic update process, for example if plugin files are manually replaced with a newer version, this ensure full support on hosts which block auto-update.

The old file is still supported and will never be removed.


conf_update_param function has been enhanced:

  • if an array or object is provided a value, it will be serialized and escaped before database insertion
  • provide true as third parameter to update the $conf global as well (with unserialized value)
  • if you prefer JSON over PHP serial you can provide a custom serializer as fourth parameter
conf_update_param('my_key', $my_array, true,
  create_function('$v', 'return addslashes(json_encode($v));'));
// here, $conf['my_key'] == $my_array;

Two utility functions was added: safe_unserialize and safe_json_decode which can be used if you are not sure if the value has already been unserialized or not.

Date(-time) inputs




picture.tpl - disable website field

We added an option to disable or enable the website field on comment add form. You must wrap the field in a IF block:

{if $comment_add.SHOW_WEBSITE} ... {/if}

{$THUMB_SRC} template variable is not assigned anymore. Use instead {$current.derivatives.thumb→get_url()}

search.tpl - major changes


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