Subversion (SVN)

Write access

How to have write access to Subversion repository?

  • ask it with the contact form
  • if project administrators agree with your request, we will ask you to provide a “htpasswd string” that can be generated on this page (select the MD5 algorithm)
  • configure tools (Linux, Windows XP)

You'll find documentation on internet. External links:

First steps with Subversion

Before going any further, take a look at Branch and releases to understand what we mean when talking about trunk, branches and releases.

# working on trunk
$ svn checkout
$ cd trunk
$ vi feed.php
$ vi notification.php
$ svn diff feed.php notification.php
$ svn commit -m "add new informations in RSS notification feed" feed.php notification.php
# working on branch 1.5
$ svn checkout
$ cd 1.5
$ vi include/
$ svn commit -m "bug 256 fixed: wrong tags for HTML menus" include/

Commit logs

  • must be written in english
  • each line should not exceed 80 columns

Each commit log must have a distinct paragraph for each modification done. Two paragraphs are separated with an empty line. Each kind of modification must be easy to understand just by reading the log.

The following example shows a commit log with several kind of modification. Of course, you won't ever have as many modifications in a single commit, it's just an example. Thanks to be rigorous enough for “bug XXX fixed:”, “merge -r?:? from ? into ? (bug ? fixed)”, “feature XXX added:”.

bug 205 fixed: advise to perform maintenance actions at the end of upgrade
feature 147 added: add a menu to manage manually create_listing_file.php
on remote sites
new: "quick start" section in Administration>General>Instructions

improvement: long localized messages are in HTML files instead of $lang
array. This is the case of admin/help and about pages.
deletion: of unused functions (ts_to_mysqldt, is_image, TN_exists,
check_date_format, date_convert, get_category_directories,
get_used_metadata_list, array_remove, pwg_write_debug,
get_group_restrictions, get_all_group_restrictions, is_group_allowed,
style_select, deprecated_getAttribute).

When a commit is a merge from a branch to another, give details about the merge and what was merge (copy log from original commit).

merge -c2811 from branch 2.0 to trunk

based on forum discussion, a comment is added to explain why c13y_upgrade 
plugin is activated at this precise moment.
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