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-====== Welcome to the documentation ====== 
-The information contained in this wiki is intended to complement and extend the **documentation __distributed__** with PWG. Everyone is invited to create new documentation or to modify existing documentation. 
-One of the goals this wiki attempts to fulfill is to provide users quick access to questions and answers raised in the discussion forums, such as: How does this feature work? How can I configure my gallery to make it work the way I want it to work? Your own experiences with PWG are of great value to other users who find themselves confronting the same issues you may have already worked through. Your personal contributions are encouraged and appreciated! 
-^Nota:  |The index handling is automated and sorts pages by name, so you may need to read an article which is referenced below the one you want to access.| 
-The following summary shows the first two levels of documentation. You can look at the Full Index for further details. 
-If you are not comfortable with dokuwiki syntax, give a try to the [[playground::playground]].  
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