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Playground metaphor

“Playground” is also an informal term to describe an area designed for any particular group of people, for example: “the resort spa has become a playground for millionaires”.

“Playground” can also simply be the title of a summer program. In many cities, the playgrounds have been turned into free daycare services that merely use the playground as a meeting place for the “playground program” to begin. From there, the childcare providers take their children to additional fun places as field trips, such as to a swimming pool, a miniature golf course, or a laser tag adventure.

Playgrounds can also be part of an overall playspace. The playspace can consist of areas for adults and can be considered a community gathering place.

Amis linguistes

Sachez que l'aire de jeux n'est pas définie à ce jour dans fr.wikipedia.org
(Ce qui n'est pas le cas du Bac à Sable)

'A vos claviers…'

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