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-====== Installation ====== 
-Piwigo can be installed using the [[#netinstall|NetInstall]] or [[#manual_installation|Manually]] 
-==== NetInstall ==== 
-__Description__ : One single file to upload by FTP onto your server : that file will download from piwigo.org the latest version of Piwigo and extract it on your server. Go to http://www.mywebsite.com/piwigo-netinstall.php to start the install.\\ 
-__Doc__  : [[http://piwigo.org/basics/installation_netinstall|NetInstall]].\\ 
-__Download__ : [[http://piwigo.org/download/dlcounter.php?code=netinstall|direct link]]. 
-==== Manual Installation ==== 
-__Description__ : Download and unzip the latest version of Piwigo, then upload the files by FTP onto your server. To start the install process, just go to http://www.mywebsite.com/piwigo/.\\ 
-__Doc__ : [[http://piwigo.org/basics/installation_manual|Manual Installation]].\\ 
-__Download__ : [[http://piwigo.org/download/dlcounter.php?code=latest|direct link to the latest version]]. 
-==== Local Installation ==== 
-Piwigo can be installed onto 'local', on your computer, for testing purposes. The requirements are the same, so you will need a server installation : on Windows, use WampServer and on Linux setup a server with Apache/MySql/PHP packages. 
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