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About: NoPassword is designed to work conjointly with $conf['apache_authentication']=true.
It will refuse to activate unless you have configured your Piwigo instance with $conf['apache_authentication']=true.

Once activated, the plugin:
- Disables the password fields in the user profile page.
- Disables the password fields in the "Add User" dialog in the "Manager User" admin page.
- Disables the "Change Password" button in the user editor from "Manage User"
- Redirects hits from the Identification page to the index.

This provides a more consistent experience when using Apache authentication.

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Revision 0.1 2719 Downloads, Released on 2015-06-13
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Compatible with: 2.10, 2.9, 2.8, 2.7

New languages: English [UK] Total : 1

English [UK]

Initial release.

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