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Tag Access Management

tags access user management
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Revision 0.71

5 years 8 months ago
Not compatible with the latest version of Piwigo
Tuesday 8 January 2013 11 years 5 months ago

The tag access management plugin grants access for albums in which the user is tagged. You can tag with any program as long as piwigo recognizes the tags. After installing the plugin you only need to link the tag with a current piwigouser and press a button. Thats it!

Works with albums and subalbums. It probably won't work at the moment with pictures in subsubfolders. This plugin is static so new pictures won't automaticly be applied.

It works fine on my collection with 120000 pictures and over 500 keywords. But since I'm new with writing extensions for piwigo there may be some bugs, thats why it's just version 0.2 :)

Revisions 9

Revision 0.71

Released on Thursday 27 September 2018


Compatible with Piwigo 2.10, 2.9

5 years 8 months freanki 1 Available languages

Now it's a nice directory...

Revision 0.7

Released on Thursday 27 September 2018


Revision 0.6

Released on Monday 10 March 2014


Revision 0.5

Released on Friday 7 March 2014


Revision 0.3

Released on Tuesday 8 January 2013