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2012-06-09 09:16:56

I'm sorry, but upgrade scripts take long to write and test. Piwigo 2.4 is really a "major" upgrade. For example, yesterday I worked on an upgrade script that try to avoid breaking hotlinks in your banner, pages or PWG Stuffs block, see [Subversion] r15608

The release note is written, videos are ready, release 2.4.0 is very very near.

2012-06-09 05:06:54

So, there will be no 2.4.0 final released? What is April actually mean "May" ?

2012-06-04 16:11:23

Thank you steffen... I think that next version of piwigo mobile will use Sencha Touch instead of jQuery Mobile, so it is not for next week :-)

2012-06-04 14:29:36

Hi Patrice (and of course all other Piwigo devs),

I was very hyped to see a mobile site which uses jQuery in 2.4 dev branch!! I looked around and saw that only English and French translation are done. So I decided to contribute my 2 cents and did translated it into German.

The only text I didn't understand is "Loging". Is it a typo which should mean "Login" or "Logging"?
"Login": "Anmelden",
"Logging": "Protokollieren",

Here is the complete file:

"Settings" : "Einstellungen",
"Album" : "Album",
"Photos" : "Fotos",
"Who can see these photos" : "Wer kann diese Fotos sehen",
"Admins" : "Adminstratoren",
"Family" : "Familie",
"Friends" : "Freunde",
"Contacts" : "Kontakte",
"Everybody" : "Jedermann",
"Create a new album" : "Neues Album erstellen",
"New album" : "Neues Album",
"Parent album" : "Übergeordnetes Album",
"Album name" : "Albumname",
"Add photo" : "Foto hinzufügen",
"Remove all" : "Alle entfernen",
"Upload" : "Hochladen",
"No photos selected yet" : "Es sind keine Fotos ausgewählt",
"Cancel" : "Abbrechen",
"OK" : "OK",
"Connection" : "Verbindung",
"Advanced" : "Erweitert",
"Gallery URL" : "Gallerie URL",
"Username" : "Benutzername",
"Password" : "Passwort",
"Default author" : "Vorgabe: Autor",
"Photo quality" : "Fotoqualität",
"Resize photos" : "Fotogröße anpassen",
"Maximum width" : "Maximale Breite",
"Maximum height" : "Maximale Höhe",
"Title" : "Titel",
"Author" : "Autor",
"Description" : "Beschreibung",
"Create" : "Erstlelen",
"Uploading photo" : "Foto hochladen",
"Success" : "Erfolgreich",
"Error" : "Fehler",
"Upload complete!" : "Hochladen abgeschlossen!",
"Upload a new selection" : "Neue Auswahl hochladen",
"See photos in your gallery" : "Fotos in Galerie betrachten",
"An error has occured" : "Es trat ein Fehler auf",
"Album name can not be empty" : "Albumname darf nicht leer sein",
"Invalid username/password" : "Falscher Benutzername oder Passwort",
"Unable to connectL" : "Verbindungsfehler",
"Please check your internet connection" : "Bitte prüfe deine Internetverbindung",
"You must select an album" : "Bitte ein Album auswählen",
"about message" : "Diese Anwendung ist von Patrice Gauchon für Piwigo entwickelt und verwendet PhoneGap sowie die jQuery mobile Architektur.",
"Are you sure?" : "Bist du sicher?",
"Yes" : "Ja",
"No" : "Nein",
"Warning" : "Warnung",
"This photo is already selected" : "Dieses Photo ist bereits ausgewählt",
"Refresh albums list" : "Albumliste aktualisieren",
"Loging" : "Loging",
"Loading albums" : "Lade Alben",
"Actions" : "Aktionen"


alone dream15
2012-05-26 00:11:57

I install 2,4,0 FOR TSESTING .. Problem in the trial version .. In support of us fans of this wonderful product .. I want to tell you that there is a problem in the link to include a new category .. Where can not include a new category when you press on the link in the Control Panel .. :-) We Bntdhar new release impatiently.

2012-05-03 16:19:21

That was a quick reply. Thanks. Looking forward to the final release. Great work guys!!

2012-05-03 16:17:09

I can't promise a date for the final release yet. We still have to make 2.4 more stable and to write the upgrade script: the one which reorganizes photos in folders.

2012-05-03 16:15:22

I think I saw a post stating it would be released in late April. Any more news on the release date? Looking forward to upgrading.

2012-04-30 22:59:33

Wow, this is amazing guys, superb work :D
Donations will be made once I have the new site running!!

2012-04-30 14:21:42

..  switch on this release and testing !!!   thanks piwigo team...and good work around the final v.2.4 ;)

2012-04-30 13:42:16

Hello to all beta-testers,

The third (and last) release candidate for Piwigo 2.4 is available. This version is still for test only, don't install it on your live website.

For those who have followed the beta versions of the previous months, you already know that Piwigo 2.4 brings many new features. For others, you can read previous announcements:

* announcement for 2.4.0beta1
* announcement for 2.4.0beta2
* announcement for 2.4.0RC1
* announcement for 2.4.0RC2

1) Changes

Here follows the list of changes available in version 2.4.0RC3, compared to version 2.4.0RC2:

* [Bugtracker] ticket 2606
* [Bugtracker] ticket 2626
* [Bugtracker] ticket 2608
* [Bugtracker] ticket 2388
* [Bugtracker] ticket 2615
* [Bugtracker] ticket 2482
* [Bugtracker] ticket 2617
* [Bugtracker] ticket 2589

2) Screenshots

The "Center of Interest" configuration screen gets additional details.

The multiple size configuration becomes simpler: details about dimensions are only displayed "on demand" and you can edit sizes one by one.

The watermark configuration screen becomes simpler to use with predefined positions and the ability to upload your own watermark (PNG files mandatory, with transparent background recommended).

3) Start your tests

Test Piwigo 2.4 live demo or Download Piwigo 2.4.0RC3

Please, try to open a new topic in the beta testing forum for each problem you may encounter.

If you can not install this test release, but you still want to test and help us stabilize Piwigo 2.4, we will provide you a "ready to use" test environment. Just ask.

Have a nice time while discovering Piwigo 2.4 new features!

The Piwigo Team

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