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2024-01-31 09:49:25

Hi macstrat,

I didn't know there was a problem with Piwigo Remote Sync and Piwigo 14. We're looking into it. Please open a dedicated topic in this forum for this problem. Also give the Github issue link (that I've found after your message, which obviously mean I didn't read it before)

2024-01-31 03:35:54

Has anything changed with the way the site interacts with the remotesync-ui app? Myself and a number of people have gotten errors like 

21:23:16.835 [Thread-5] DEBUG o.p.remotesync.api.client.WSClient - Class : org.piwigo.remotesync.api.response.PwgSessionGetStatusResponse
21:23:16.841 [Thread-5] ERROR o.p.remotesync.api.client.WSClient - Unable to parse response
21:23:16.841 [Thread-5] ERROR o.p.r.api.sync.ConnectedWalker - Cannot create album for D:\Card Scans\Test\Come
org.piwigo.remotesync.api.exception.ClientException: Unable to parse response
21:23:16.843 [Thread-5] INFO  o.p.r.api.sync.SyncDirectoryWalker - Uploading Dunkers_0001.jpeg in album with ID null
21:23:16.844 [Thread-5] ERROR o.p.r.api.sync.ConnectedWalker - Cannot upload an image without an album. Please move the image in a subfolder.

Since remotesync-ui is no longer maintained and without an bulk upload utility directly from Piwigo The entire application becomes next to useless for large uploads or those hosted by Piwigo where there is no FTP access.

2024-01-30 14:07:18

New release 14.2.0. Several bugs in the new search engine following our users feedback. New language "Armenian".

Piwigo 14.2.0 release note

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