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Lightroom Autothumbnailer

This script automaticaly creates subfolder thumbnail with needed naming TN-filename.jpg for all exported files.
Tested and works on Win7 and XP with Lightroom 2.6.

1. Install ImageMagick
2. Create piwigo-thumbnailer.bat in Export Actions Directory, insert the code here and Save (if needed change the path to ImageMagick convert and other parameters).
3. Select piwigo-thumbnaier in Post-Processing.
4. Export


for %%F in (%1) do set dirname=%%~dpF
for %%F in (%1) do set filename=%%~nxF
mkdir "%dirname%thumbnail"

for %%F in (%1) do set filename=%%~nxF
if %1=="" goto endloop
if exist %1 call "C:\Program Files\ImageMagick-6.6.1-Q16\convert.exe" -define jpeg:size=256x256 %1 -auto-orient -thumbnail 128x128 -unsharp 0x.5 -quality 80 "%dirname%thumbnail\TN-%filename%"
goto loop

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