#1 2010-04-30 01:12:51

Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Piwigo release candidate 2.1.0RC3

Hello Piwigo community,

Here comes Piwigo 2.1.0RC3, this is the last release candidate before Piwigo 2.1.0.

=> This release is for test only, don't replace your Piwigo 2.0 yet.

What's new compared to 2.1.0RC2?

* many bugs where fixed
* ugprade script from any previous release was added

The main goal of this 2.1.0RC3 is to beta test the upgrade script. So here is the procedure:

1) download prep21up.php

2) on your production server, copy the prep21up.php script in your current Piwigo installation

3) on your production server, open prep21up.php from your web browser, you will receive an "" archive

4) on your production server, dump your current database

5) on your test server, import the database dump (if your test server equals your production server, don't overwrite your current database, create another empty database first)

6) on your test server, extract Piwigo 2.1.0RC3 files, don't perform installation

7) on your test server, remove the "local" directory from your Piwigo 2.1.0RC3 installation

8) on your computer, extract the "local" directory from

9) on your computer, in the extracted directory "local", make sure the "local/config/" refers to the test database, not the current database

10) on your test server, copy the extracted directory "local" in your Piwigo 2.1.0RC3 installation

11) on your test server, open the upgrade.php script from your web browser and follow the instructions

This procedure doesn't include the photos. If you want to see your photos in your Piwigo 2.1.0RC3 installation, copy the directories "galleries" and "upload" from your current Piwigo installation.

- new features compared to 2.0 : [Forum, topic 15811] Piwigo release candidate 2.1.0RC1
- download:
- beta testing forum:


#2 2010-04-30 13:56:01

Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Re: Piwigo release candidate 2.1.0RC3

Important note: I have updated the prep21up.php, download it once again.

Now, the prep21up.php transforms the old include/ with old variables into local/config/ with new variables.


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