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#1 2010-05-08 22:20:10

Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

[Piwigo 2.1] SQLite and PostgreSQL are in experimental state

Hi Piwigo users and testers,

In the Piwigo 2.1.x installation screen, you may have read the specific warning:

Piwigo installation screen wrote:

SQLite and PostgreSQL are currently in experimental state. Learn more.

as soon as you select SQLite or PostgreSQL in the database engines list.

Piwigo was initially designed in 2001 with a MySQL database backend. During 8 years, we have been relying on a MySQL basis. Recently, nicolas has added an abstraction layer to manage communication between PHP code in Piwigo and the database.

While Piwigo+MySQL have been deeply tested, this is not yet the case with SQLite and PostgreSQL. We're expecting many feedback from advanced users. This is the way we plan to make Piwigo as stable with SQLite/PostgreSQL than it currently is for MySQL.

Let's remind what are the advantages of each database engine:

1) MySQL : historical database backend, very stable and fast

2) PostgreSQL : theoretically works better with many simultaneous connections, data integrity (no orphan)

3) SQLite : no server, only a file to store the database. It makes installation 1 step easier. Theoretically, it should use less memory on your server and be a little slower than MySQL (we need feedback about that)

If you decide to go with PostgreSQL or SQLite, keep in mind the current experimental state. If you encounter any problem, please open a topic in this "Beta testing" forum, for each of your problem. If you have tested and didn't find any problem, it would be good to hear from you also :-)


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