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Difficult to synchronize

I wonder if there is any faster way to synchronize time?
because the synchronization many times I can take up to 40 minutes if not
choose a folder as such.

This is what I have:
Versión de Piwigo
Piwigo 2.1.6
Última versión
Abonar ********************************** a la newsletter Piwigo
Systema operativo: Linux
PHP: 5.2.13 (Mostrar las informaciones) [2011-03-13 20:22:04]
mysql: 5.0.91-community [2011-03-13 20:22:04]
Base de datos
941598 imágenes (el primer elemento añadido Miércoles 09 Junio 2010)
30315 categorías entre las cuates 30315 físicos et 0 virtuales (941598 asociaciones)
0 etiqueta (0 asociación)
29 usuarios
1 grupo
0 Comentario
I have a pc with:
i7 920,
12 ram ddr3
2 tb


Understand that when trying to display 30315 categories, the browser client side which is doing the synchronization becomes super slow. and is a bit difficult to choose the main category you want to synchronize.
I would like to know I can do to improve these problems.


julian write:

hello, I wonder what happened to the development post in this link

[Forum, topic 16606] Improving interface to select categories

an answer to this other issue?

delete e-mail

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