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How to configure for users that can upload but passworded "visitor"?

I'm just getting started with this.  I'm making a community site where I want to have separate registered users who can upload, but another password required "visitor" account for viewing.  Basically it's a kids sports team where I don't want the photos open to the public (kids privacy) but a single visitor password for parents/grandparents/etc.  But, several parents are taking photos so I want to have upload accounts for them which I can create and assign appropriate rights.  But, it seems like there is only one level of access.  If an (passworded) account can view an area, then they can also upload.  I'm using the community plugin to extend the upload ability to multiple users (seemed like the only way to do that, perhaps that's my mistake).

Anyone want to clear this up for me :)

Oh, and if anyone has a baseball theme that's public, I'd love it.



#2 2011-05-17 19:06:47

Translation Team

Re: How to configure for users that can upload but passworded "visitor"?

If you want one user, let's name him "uploader", to upload and watch albums and the second user ("visitor") to only watch specified albums, than all you have to do is to grant them appropriate permissons. And you can achieve it only with community plugin

But if you want one user with two different passwords to upload and to view, it's rather impossible.



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