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Multiple questions/remarks

Hi! I'm trying to replace my Google Picasa web albums with a self-hosted installation of Piwigo for myself and my family members.

Using Piwigo 2.3.0 with the web upload interface for multiple account holders (community plugin), I have the following issues/questions:

1. how can users rotate pictures they have uploaded through the web interface, in an easy fashion?
2. how can users change the caption of a picture in an easy fashion? (the Icy plugin is too convoluted for this purpose)
3. how can users send an unique link to friends that only give access to one sub-album for people who have this link?
4. What are the 'admin, family, friends, contacts' groups in the photo permissions page? I could not find a way to set them or an explanation for what they are
5. when a user creates a sub-album only the user permissions are inherited from the parent album. Group permissions are not inherited
6. users seemingly cannot change album permissions themselves!

Thanks for developing Piwigo! It's quite functional regardless of the above list of issues.


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