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Read-only filesystem and centralized thumbnail creation

Dear Piwigo team and users,

Coming from Gallery2, I truely like Piwigo for most notably speed, easy rights management and it's "feel".

There are, however, two problems preventing me from migrating to Piwigo. I hope you can help me with these issues:
1. I have a read-only photo mount. Apache is not able to write to the photo mount. This setup is for security reasons and I would like to keep this configuration. Piwigo wants to create a thumbnail and pgw_high directory in each photo folder, which fails, due to the read-only nature of the mount.
I fiddled around with teh configuration file and tried to put all thumbnails in one thumbnail directory, but no satisfactory solution was found.
Question: Is there any way to use Piwigo in the situation I just prsented? Say I have photo directory A, B and C. Would it be possible to have teh thumbnails in /www/piwigo/thumbnail/A /www/piwigo/thumbnail/B and /www/piwigo/thumbnail/C? Instead of e.g. /www/piwigo/galleries/A/thumbnail.

2. I read a lot about people wanting to add directories with non-alphanumeric characters. e.g. # and spaces. I would like that too, as I don't have to rename many, many directories, just to use a gallery like Piwigo. Symbolic linking could do some good, but maybe there are better ways.
Question: Is there a way, taking "question 1" into account, to get my photo collection into Piwigo when my directories contain spaces and hashes (#)?

Thank you for your time in advance!

Kind regards,
The Netherlands


#2 2011-10-27 17:11:28

Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Re: Read-only filesystem and centralized thumbnail creation

Hi Benben,

Unfortunately, you can't completely separate thumbnails, web sizes and high definition directories.

I suppose you're using the synchronization method to add photo. You can "prepare" (create thumbnails) before synchronization. This way, Piwigo won't try to create any "thumbnail" directory.

Concerning the forbidden characters, the most advanced discussion is on [Forum, post 108146 by plg in topic 15216] Spaces and accented characters and since then I admit that we haven't done anything (we're more focused on web/API upload than synchronization nowadays)



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