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Outgoing e-mail settings for Piwigo SMTP

Hi there, I'm can't figure out how to configure the outgoing (smtp) e-mail setting on Piwigo 2.4.3:
here is my config file:

// smtp configuration
// (work if fsockopen function is allowed for smtp port)
// smtp_host: smtp server host
//  if null, regular mail function is used
//   format: hoststring[:port]
//   exemple: smtp.pwg.net:21
// smtp_user/smtp_password: user & password for smtp identication
$conf['smtp_host'] = 'mail.fotos.fedeviola.com.ar:587';
$conf['smtp_user'] = 'mail@fotos.fedeviola.com.ar';
$conf['smtp_password'] = 'xxxxxx';

I wrote to the support of Dreamhost and here is the answer:

I have looked at your settings
and they looked correct but according to the mail logs, mail is being
sent using a different FROM address in the message headers:

To: mail@example.com
Subject: [Fotos de Anita y Fede]: New photos added
From: "Fotos de Anita y Fede" <mail@example.com>
Reply-To: "Fotos de Anita y Fede" <mail@example.com>

The FROM address is what needs to be changed in order for mail to be sent
correctly.  The FROM address needs to be a @fotos.fedeviola.com.ar
address in the script that is sending the messages.  Once that is
changed, your mail will be sent correctly.

Can anyone help me with this issue?
Thanks in advance.




#2 2015-03-06 01:10:30


Re: Outgoing e-mail settings for Piwigo SMTP

I came across this post googling for the same problem and thought I'd post my solution, also being a Dreamhost customer. If your email is set up within DH (not using Google Apps or a third party mail service) and you have already gone through all the setup for a mailbox on that domain, here are the settings that you need to add using the localfile editor:

$conf['mail_sender_email'] = 'noreply@domain.com';
$conf['smtp_host'] = 'mail.domain.com:25';
$conf['smtp_user'] = 'email@domain.com';
$conf['smtp_password'] = 'email_password';

Make sure that you can log in to that mailbox with that email address and password by going to http://webmail.domain.com to confirm your settings.


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