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mouseover on gallery thumbnails shows 'xx visits'. Disable?

When you have a gallery's main thumbnails page open in front of you, a 'mouseover' over a picture gives you a pop-up that shows the picture's title, and xx visits -- a visit count for that picture.

I do _not_ want people to know how many people have seen -- or _not_ seen -- a particular picture.  Can this visit count be disabled?  Can it be turned off?

Do note -- that in the user options, I have 'Show number of hits' set to "no" for all users.  admin is set to 'no'. guest is set to 'no'.  Yet ... that mouseover will show a hit count on every single picture in the gallery, just by 'mousing' over it.

This makes it completely un-usable.  I'm trying to show some pictures of things to sell -- and if the view count is very, very low, people will think no one else is interested in the item.  So the 'visits' count must go away.

If this is not easily done, can I perhaps simply edit the number count to a desired number?  Is this a value in the mySql database that can be edited?  Thanks!


#2 2012-11-07 08:52:29

Piwigo Team

Re: mouseover on gallery thumbnails shows 'xx visits'. Disable?

do you have a link ? It looks like you have a plugin that does the mouseover thing (the default theme does not do mouseover)



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