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New Parent Album Community Plugin Group Permissions


I just started using Piwigo a couple of days ago and I am loving its simplicity and ease of use. I am looking for some help/advice in some advanced user/group configuration. I have the community plugin enabled. Newly uploaded albums are defaulted to private. I have three different types of groups that use the gallery. Group A consists of myself the webmaster I am associated with all the groups. Group B consists of users that are associated with multiple groups but not necessarily all of them and have upload privileges. Group C consists of users that are in only 1 group which is named after them, i.e. John Smith is in group John Smith, but have no upload privileges.

I am having problems with configuring permissions for Group B.

(I am aware that there is an addressed issue of default private parent albums that have sub-albums created being unseen by people with access to the parent album. While this is an issue for me, there is another issue I'd like to address.)

When I as the webmaster/admin upload a new photo using community, I can create a new parent album. However, users in Group B can only create sub-albums and I would like them to be able to create parent albums without having to make them an admin. When the users in Group B try to create a new parent album it says access denied. There is no issue with them being able to create a sub-album under an existing parent album with which they have access to.

Is it possible for Group B to do this?



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