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#1 2012-12-28 11:49:48


PWG Stuffs: Tags : Group by Letters

I am using lots of tags and I find 'group by letters' very good, but I would like to request an option to change some settings.

At the moment the letters are divided into 4 columns headed by equal divisions of the alphabet.  This does not work in practice - just look at any dictionary.

I suggest a config such as the following (not sure of exact syntax)

$config['tagLetters'] = ['A', 'E', 'L', 'S']  or whatever is right for you.  The number of letters given would determine the number of columns required, so if only three letters given then 3 columns displayed etc etc

I also am finding a display problem with the second column which contains the tag Counter and the word 'elements' when the tagName is quite long.  For the time being I have set that column to 'display: none', but that means I do not get a tagCount of photos.

I would like the option to replace the word 'elements' or even not use one
eg  $tagCounter['Descrip'] = ['photos'] or [''] for empty

or alternatively just have the element counter value as '<i>&nbsp;[' . $tagCount . ']</i>' appended to the tagname and not use the second column of the table.

Thanks for looking


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