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Thomas (Germany)

Problem (automatic Translation)


I Piwigo for a few days in the test mode. Of course, I compare the system with jAlbum, with whom I've shown my pictures on my website. Now some people might argue that Piwigo and jAlbum are too different to be comparable to, but for me the result that counts: How are my pictures presented. That's why I compare the two applications, and am now writing a little more detail:

What I jAlbum missing or disturbs is the lack of a central location where the images are stored (which has Piwigo). What I lack in jAlbum is the "lens" (the lens used) in the EXIF ​​data is missing. But I can (quite by trial) now say, at which n / location / s I have to turn in the source code for certain effects (additional links, other colors) to achieve.

In Piwigo but I have very different problems: There are almost no EXIF ​​data displayed (what's inside is just laughable). I have values ​​like ISO, aperture, shutter speed, GPS coordinates more important than a colorful frame or CMS, which runs in the background! Piwigo and can not yet (in spite of installed plugins like Advanced MetaData ExifView, Grum Plugins Classes.3)! To the Piwigo comes in two galleries at the images display rich error messages on the server produced - which has not yet made any other application ... (See my posts on this page to read but were not answered).

In addition, the management of keywords is very unusual thing: I want to "mount" the keywords directly on the image (type) and does not need to determine in advance or manage. The whole "operation" is from my side (as webadmin and photos See Santander) mE not ergonomic (compared to jAlbum where I can make a whole gallery on my computer at home completely finished and then uploading them to an FTP slip. Even despite pLoader. (pLoader is a frightening example of lack of transparency and lack of software ergonomics. Perhaps the because of which I, as an old Atari and MacOS users put just great emphasis on good-to-use programs.) But because I could familiarize myself. Another error by Piwigo (or plugins) is the misrepresentation of umlauts to see in the gallery tram Antalya. shown there as "Keywords / Subject" text data from the ExIFS coming from the image processing. are (links below) The images and data to the U4 in Hamburg are exactly the images (including ExIFS) , which I also use to that produced by jAlbum gallery.

Therefore, I ask the question for discussion:

Piwigo is right for me?

- The quirks (server error) If rectified quickly? (Whether. By a possible software update, or assistance in this forum)

- How do I get the complete EXIF ​​data on the photos? (At least to the extent of jAlbum, better still, with indication of the lens)

- Or is there for my task / needs an additional software (plugin), or even another software package?

To even compare for yourself: (Home is built entirely in HTML itself, the uppermost galleries every department are jAlbum-concoctions) is the test page for Piwigo. and clicked on the first image produced the server error.

I hope I get enough responses to Monday evening (or tips) to decide whether I will stay with Piwigo.


PS: Does it make sense to put an automatic translation of this article in the English language version of the forum?


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Piwigo Team

Re: Problem (automatic Translation)

You should probably break your problems in several forum discussions if you want answers. Your message is pretty hard to read.

Here are some answers:
1. fatal memory message and umlauts wrongly displayed are probably result of advanced meta data plugin which I don't know.
2. you can use rv_gmaps plugin for automatically reading gps data from your photo and add location based screens
3. you can automatically import tags from your iptc keywords (albeit configuration is not at all user friendly) by using the local files editor plugin and making your local configuration file. Following example imports iptc keywords, iptc object name and iptc caption into piwigo


$conf['use_iptc'] = true;

$conf['use_iptc_mapping'] = array(
  'keywords'        => '2#025',
  'name'            => '2#005',
  'comment'         => '2#120'

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