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Exif information not adjustable in photo window

First of all congratulations to a wonderful piece of software. Despite the problems described below I am quite impressed with the scope of this work!

I run Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server, PHP5, piwigo 2.4.6

Now to the problem (the prime problem...): I cannot adjust the items under "Shooting Conditions" in the metadata window in the Photos section. Changing the array contents of show_exif_fields in ./local/config/ and/or ./include/ or even commenting the whole array definition does not influence the fields, constantly showing Make, Camera Model, Aperture, Exposure, ISO, Focal Length, Flash fired. The content of the fields are updated with correct information.

The browsers and computers tested show a consistent behaviour, but it seems to take more than reloading the page to update languages and other settings tested running between different computers at home and at work.

Tests done:
Restarting Apache
Emptying browser cache
Changing, emptying and removing the array show_exif_fields in both config files above
Setting use_exif to both true and false in ./include/
Checking exif content of pictures, both with ./tools/metadata.php and external tools (metadata returns gibberish for some fields like MakerNote (canon 300d and 7d) and seem to terminate before print_r finishes)
Uploading new pictures to new albums
Synchronising piwigo
Change options in Piwigo
Clicking "Show file metadata" (does nothing at all to the view except adding &metadata to the web address call string, but never removes the &metadata it when clicking again, might be worthy of a separate topic?)
chmod 777 of most directories

Tests not done:
php.ini tuning
apache adjustments
checking any other dependencies like java, css or whatever required
reinstallation or new download of piwigo
chmod in absurdum

I hope to have covered most of the items, my money goes on a complete misunderstanding on my behalf!

Best regards and once again thank you for a very impressing project!

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Piwigo Team

Re: Exif information not adjustable in photo window

some plugin you installed is probably doing that



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Re: Exif information not adjustable in photo window

Thank you. It helped!

I had the plugins
Advanced Metadata
Grum Plugin Classes.3
Exif View
Local Files Editor

Deactivated all and got the fields defined in the ./local/config/ visible and possible to hide/view.

With activation of the Exif View plugin the view still worked and with readable information compared to without the plugin activated.
Activated Local Files Editor, still with OK result (well, I did not expect this as a culprit, but for the sake of a thorough troubleshooting...)
With Grum Plugin Classes.3 activated still OK.
However, the Advance Metadata interferes with the view. I was under the impression that this had nothing to do with the view of pictures, but digging deeper into the plug-in I found the settings for viewing of the metadata. Sorry for that, but maybe someone else can be helped by this post.


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