#1 2013-04-13 15:47:29

Sean Milligan

Sorting by fimestamp of file (date/time uploaded via FTP)


We are a new user to Piwigo, and we are using it to rx JPG images that are sent via FTP from IP Video Cameras.  We love it and it seems to be a much better fit for our application than zenphoto.

Daily we log in "synch" all the recently FTP'd photos (post) from various cameras.  Each camera has its own album

We can "sort" using "sort by date posted" but that may get some images out of order if we do not synch regularly.

We have noted that the "create date" meta data is null; so it seems the create date meta data is not based on the file's timestamp.

So the question is this:

How do we set it so that all photos in a given album can be sorted based on the date/time that they were originally uploaded to the server?

Also, is there a way to "automatically" synch either based on schedule or threshold of images not yet posted?

Thanks in advance for your support.


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