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[resolved] local folder sync / integration with owncloud

Hello everybody and first of all a big Thank You for this wonderful application.
I switched from gallery3 to Piwigo a couple of month ago and I'm quite happy with my decision.

I'm running Piwigo 2.4.7 and unfortunately can't upgrade due to plugins Advanced MetaData and GMaps.

I'm running an Owncloud on that server, too.

What I like to do is a little Owncloud integration in Piwigo. As Owncloud stores each users files in an own local directory, it would be great to synchronize for example .../owncloud/files/user1/piwigo to a special Owncloud folder in piwigo. What do you think would be the easiest way to do that?

The effort would be that a user only has to store photos in his local owncloud/piwigo directory to get them shown in piwigo.

Thanks in advance



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Former Piwigo Team
Lyon (FR)

Re: [resolved] local folder sync / integration with owncloud

if you go to Admin->Tools->Site Manager you will find anything you need

though Piwigo needs to have read access to the directory, so check it first



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Re: [resolved] local folder sync / integration with owncloud


I don't know if somebody keep following that subject..

Anyway, I did the integration, I mean I created a gallery linked to a shared folder located in  the owncloud structure. (somthing like ../owncloud/data/<user>/<folder>/)

It works well for everything except the original version of the photo cannot be view, indeed, owncloud rights based on htaccess discard it.

Any clue how to solve that ?

We may be need a better solution like a little plugin but I'm really not a developer to do that.

Thanks for your help


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Re: [resolved] local folder sync / integration with owncloud

Hi again,

Solution was not that difficult,

You only have to create a symbolic lynk on the  piwigo structure to the folder located int the owncloud structure.

In that way, all calls remain on the piwigo context and so no rules apply from owncloud website.

See you!


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Re: [resolved] local folder sync / integration with owncloud


I'm planning to do such integration as well, but I can't understand one thing from the above posts. How the synchronization is done? Because as I noticed in Piwigo there are two ways to upload photo. One is to upload it via interface of software that supports piwigo, like Shotwell for example. Other is to place the photos in local directory, but after that you must manually synchronize the directory in order to make photos appear in Piwigo galleries. Can you achieve automatic synchronization? In additional there are strict rules for the naming of the galleries. How do you force the owncloud user to use "_" instead of space in directory names or do you use some scripts to automate this renaming?


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Piwigo Team

Re: [resolved] local folder sync / integration with owncloud

about special characters and synchro, I think you should search a little bit more
about 'the integration' well that's just a symlink as said

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Re: [resolved] local folder sync / integration with owncloud

Salut les gars,

sorry to reheat this 2-year old thread, but I think I did not completely understood this point:

mistic100 wrote:

though Piwigo needs to have read access to the directory, so check it first.

Do I have to introduce a special user in the Owncloud? Or is it the OS user on file level?

I've linked the directory into ./galleries and also was able to synchronize the whole dir, the only thing is that the pictures are not visible. Filenames and metadata is there but not the content. When I try to open the original size then it's not allowed...

Is that possibly an issue of owncloud of later versions, or shouldn't that be a problem?

Thanks for any suggestion and comment


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