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Friend Request


I love this Gallery.. I notice it is built originally around the admin or one persons friends
Id like to see a friend request extension that allows a user to request another user as
a friend. should they accept the user who requested the action would be put in a group
that is friend of #user who got the request.  Then in the Virtual folders you could
add #user group to the permissions and any one who became that users friend could view
that users personal folder.  This could be expanded with Community extension for uploading to your #user folder.

Facebook share buttons can not share a virtual picture in a  folder not marked public because the
user has to have an account and permissions to see the users picture on Piwigo.  What would
also work wold be a session link that allows people non members of piwigo to see the picture
and could be integrated in to facebook extensions already on this site.

thanks :)

Piwigo version:  2.6.1
PHP version: 5.4.24
MySQL version:  5.5.36
Piwigo URL:



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