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Migration from Windows 2008 to Ubuntu Server 14.04


Piwigo version: 2.5.1
PHP version: 5.3.8
MySQL version: 5.5.16
Piwigo URL:

Problem: I have Piwigo install on Windows 2008 server but I need to move it to Ubuntu Server 14.04. So in a nut shell the web site above is Piwigo moving from Windows 2008 to Ubuntu 14.04.

1.) Is there a document where I can read what I need to do to complete this migration?
2.) Is there a plugin or migration tools of sort in Piwigo? Please advice!
2.) Any helpful pointers, directions, tips hints on how to go about it will be highly appreciated. Many thanks!

Hear from you guys soon!

God blesses!!!

Best regards,

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Re: Migration from Windows 2008 to Ubuntu Server 14.04

Hi there,

I came back several times to see if there will be any help or assistant while I went on my Ubuntu Server 14.04 getting the migration processes through.

Anyway for the benefit of those who find themselves in my shoe or perhaps this will be useful for others doing same from different platforms or operating systems. Highlights below are the steps taken to get piwigo migrated from Windows 2008 Server into Ubuntu 14.04.

On Source Platform ( Windows 2008)
1.) Run phpmyadmin and access MySql database.
2.) Select the piwidir database and click on the export tab
3.) select export tables from this database (piwidir database)
4.) export the tables ==> in SQL format or in CVS format (I did both in my case but only one of the formats you need)
5.) save the exported SQL in a folder the you can remember (in my case I created a folder named "exports" inside my pwidir folder. I did this since I will be ftp the folder into Ubuntu Server.
6.) Next step now is to use ftp to upload your piwidir folder from Windows 2008 to your Ubuntu Server /opt/lampp/folder. You new folder should looks something like ==> /opt/lampp/htdocs/piwidir  (this happens if you are running XAMPP)  or /var/www/html/piwidir (if you are running the default lampp installation). In my own case I use the former since I ma running XAMPP and Bitnami modules but it does matter whichever one you fall into, both just work.

7.) Give read and write permission to the just uploaded pwidir/_data  ==> 0777  this is neccessary otherwise you will be getting various access denied errors.

On Destination Platform (Ubuntu Server)
8.) Access MSql user phpmyadmin or whatever
9.) Create a database called ==> piwidir
10.) now import the SQL scirpt or the CVS you made from steps 4 and 5 above
11.) now point your url to your piwidir folder ==> http://your-web-site/piwidir/
12.) if every steps above is followed you see your piwigo first run with php scripts thrown out but all of them will vanish and run smoothly on two or three page refresh

I hope this will help other as it has done for me.

Many thanks to everybody here. I used piwigo for my Students College Gallery.

Many thanks!

God blesses!!!

Best regards,



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