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Howdy everyone specially the one that made this theme.

Been taking this theme apart to add my own flair and I am not done as of yet.  Got a ways to go. My question relates to the css file that came with this theme.  In the code it has areas that link to a folder called "images".  Where is this folder at?  I have looked everywhere to see what this theme is linking too, and I have not found an image folder for this css to link too. 

I right clicked each area and ran this theme through the ringer with web developer I believe the image relation to the script is being ignored, or I am totally missing something.


H2, #menubar DT, .throw, #imageHeaderBar  {
  /*background-image: url(images/tableh2_bg.png);*/
  background-color: #303030;

That code tells me that the image folder is in root.   Meh it's not.

Piwigo version: latest
PHP version: it works
MySQL version: this works too
Piwigo URL:  a work in progress too early to be critical  try to restrain yourself.  Or I will have to slap your hand.

Life has no remote.  Get up and change it yourself.


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