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Finding the config settings file + activating IPTC – beginners guide


I made this as a beginners guide, since I had difficulties finding out exactly how to activate IPTC tag extraction in Piwigo.

The following describes the recommended way of changing a certain configuration file to activate ability for Piwigo to read IPTC tags from uploaded images.

I was searching in vain for the local/config/ configuration file that people on this forum were referring to when describing how to activate IPTC.

A "LocalFiles editor" is also often mentioned, and that you should use this to edit the configuration. So I began looking for a plugin by that name under "Plugins / Other plugins available". That was the wrong place to look.
As it turns out, this plugin is installed by default, only not activated. It's on the plugins first page, the "Plugins list". Just press "Activate" on the "LocalFiles Editor" button.

Now the "LocalFiles Editor" will appear in the menu (left column) of the Piwigo Administration. Click on that link. You will then be presented a text editor in the main area of the administration, containing an empty php config file (it contains the start and end tags for a php file).

Add the appropriate settings between the start and end tags:

$conf['show_iptc'] = true;
$conf['use_iptc'] = true;

... and save. Saving will create the file on the server. Until this moment there is no such config file. This is hard for a beginner to know. Hopefully this text will come in handy for other newcomers.

To test whether the IPTC activation was successful there is this instruction on the Piwigo wiki:
"You can test a tools/sample.jpg file for viewing all included metadata thanks to script tools/metadata.php."

I'll describe that in some more words... Step-by-step instruction on testing IPTC extraction:
1. Make a copy of any image on your computer, and check its IPTC properties such as Title, Author, Comments, or add missing ones that you wish to test in Piwigo (to see if Piwigo is able to read them).
2. Rename this image file to "sample.jpg" and upload it to your Piwigo site, to the "tools" folder.
3. In the address field of your web browser enter [initial URL to your piwigo site]/tools/metadata.php
4. The result when visiting tools/metadata.php should be a long list of all extractable metadata from the sample.jpg file.

I was kindly guided by "Ddtddt" to solve most parts of this.


(Remains to understand about how to actually use / show these properties.)

Piwigo version: 2.7.4
PHP version: 5.3.28
MySQL version: 5.5.40.cll

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Re: Finding the config settings file + activating IPTC – beginners guide


Thanks for the overview. I was going nuts trying to get my tags to show. In the end it was the config file.

Note that if you try and synchronize metadata with files in the batch editor you get an error. I updated my config file to...

$conf['show_iptc'] = true;
$conf['use_iptc'] = true;
$conf['show_exif'] = false;
$conf['use_exif'] = false;

... to stop the routine trying to manipulate/access/whatever the exif data. This worked.

Cheers Simon



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