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Needed: flexible picture review and approval workflow


I would like to build a picture approval workflow with piwigo.

Should work like this:

* Upload your pictures. 
* Pictures are NOT visible to public users
* piwigo generates and shows a link to the picture (like a one-time password link)
* send this link to someone via email (must not be a registered piwigo user!)
* user can approve that publishing his picture is ok with a simple button and optional comment box

You might guess, that this workflow is for a situation where you take pictures of people and need to ask them after-the-fact if they are ok with publishing the picture that shows them. If it is not clearly decsribed, please ask, so I can explain better.

Also the opposite of this workflow (ok, not quite, but generally) might be needed, that should work like this:

* upload your pictures
* pictures are all accessible only for a special group of users, but not viewable by public
* users can login to piwigo OR optionally a generated invitation link logs them into piwigo
* users can check their pictures and DISALLOW publishing by pressing a button and filling some comment or a similar form element

This would reverse the logic, so people can disallow the publishing of their pictures. This could be done with some kind of private comment, too, or some kind of messaging area below the picture (think "Report Button"). Problem with this workflow is that anybody in the group that can see the pictures could disallow the publishing of any picture, regardless if she is visible on that picture or not. To fix this authentication problem one could add a new user for each picture - but this might get complicated / too tedious very quickly.

I much better like the first approach, with piwigo generating an md5 string for accessing that picture temporarily, let's say for one month, and send the link to the user - similar to procedures you might have seen in the domain transfer business.

There is, however, still a problem: what to do, if you do not have any contact data - for this case you still need the "Report Button" if you decide to publish a picture and someone would like to not having that picture public.

So, all in all what is needed is some flexibel approval workflow that could help with the outlined situations, and of course be so configurable that it might also help with similar situations that are not mentioned here.

Does a plugin exist, that might help building such an approval workflow with piwigo?

If not, is anybody interested in having such facilities with piwigo? If yes, please show your interest so I can decide if I dig deeper into the code.

Thanks for your attention!

Piwigo version: newest



#2 2020-05-28 12:31:10


Re: Needed: flexible picture review and approval workflow

Well, 5 years later still no answer. :(

Had been looking for something similar. Is something like this possible with Piwigo?

Thanks for your input!



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