#1 2015-04-17 09:50:27

Andrew S

menalto2piwigo - problems converting from Menalto Gallery 2


Attempting to use this plugin to convert our existing Gallery 2 installation to Piwigo.
  - successfully copied the Menalto gallery contents to piwigo/galleries
  - successfully registered
  - submitted the menalto2piwigo form
  - within 2 seconds, it reported "Information data registered in database", but displayed errors as below. No albums or pictures seem to have been converted.

Errors were:
Notice: Undefined variable: hid in /home/icklnorg/public_html/piwigo/plugins/menalto2piwigo/admin.php on line 350
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/icklnorg/public_html/piwigo/plugins/menalto2piwigo/admin.php on line 350
Notice: Undefined variable: image_updates in /home/icklnorg/public_html/piwigo/plugins/menalto2piwigo/admin.php on line 413
Notice: Undefined variable: cat_updates in /home/icklnorg/public_html/piwigo/plugins/menalto2piwigo/admin.php on line 422
Notice: Undefined variable: album_thumbs in /home/icklnorg/public_html/piwigo/plugins/menalto2piwigo/admin.php on line 431

I noticed one or two similar problems on the forum, but they seemed to relate to different circumstances. In this case I had not restructured the incoming albums, nor am I using Gallery 3.  Any ideas would be very gratefully received!

Andrew S.

Piwigo version: 2.7.4
PHP version: 5.3.28
MySQL version: 5.5.42-cll
Piwigo URL:


#2 2015-04-19 20:43:23


Re: menalto2piwigo - problems converting from Menalto Gallery 2

Eventually solved it myself! 

Cause was no data in Piwigo database.  This was because when I performed the Synchronization process, I didn't realise that it had a Simulation' option - which was in its (default) ticked state.



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