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Ubuntu installation not finalized

Hi All,

I'm trying to install Piwigo to my local machine but php script stops after providing the data for MySQL (host:=localhost, db:=piwigo, user:=piwigoadmin) and the admin config. I get nothing but an empty page.
There is no error in the php log nor in the apache error log?!
I tryied both methods:
- netscript install in a piwigo folder under /var/www/html and
- manual install the files directly under /var/www/html
In both cases files were chowned to www-data:www-data.
Can you please suggest ways for troubleshooting and fixing the issue I have?
Thanks in advance,

Piwigo version: 2.7.4
PHP version:     5.5.9
MySQL version: 5.5.44
Piwigo URL: http://localhost/piwigo


#2 2015-09-11 22:29:37


Re: Ubuntu installation not finalized

Hi again,

Better reading couple of more posts on the forum, I realized my problem was the missing php5-mysql package installation.
Did that, restarted the apache served and all worked!
Apologies for taking your time with this.

@Forum Admins: Should you think this post is redundant, feel free to delete is. Could not find this option by myself.


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