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using digikam breaks importing gps data for rvmaps plugin ?


first of all thanks for piwigo. I like it a lot (customizable and very clean from an end user perspective!)

Since a while I switched to digikam (version 5.0) for editing picture metadata.
I setup digikam to write metadata file based (in order to allow piwigo to pickup the metadata as well)
But after using it I noticed gps data from the exif file did not sync anymore into piwigo.

I did some debugging using the example code for exif_read_data on which seems to be in use in piwigo as well.

The sample code produces an IFD0 error. some googling suggests to "fix" exif data.

digikam writes "digikam 5.0.0" to the exif data:


exiftool -ProcessingSofware test.jpg
Processing Software             : digiKam-5.0.0

After removing the processingsoftware tag with exiftool ( exiftool -ProcessingSofware="" test.jpg ) the php sample code works and piwigo is also able to process the gps data now but that is a workaround at best.
ALso, other software can show the gps data still fine and does not need the workaround (exiftool etc.)
Any suggestions where to look or how to fix this or do you intend to replace the exif_read_data php function by something else in the future ?

Piwigo version: 2.8.2
PHP version: 5.6.22
MySQL version: 5.5.49
OS: debian stable



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