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Newbie questions about metadata


Piwigo (is there a pronunciation guide) seems really nice but is a stretch goal for a non PHP newbie.  I've got it installed and created an album but trying to keep from duplicating my efforts is eluding me.

I was a picasa 3 user and very happy with it but Google has spoiled that.  I was still using Picasa to create HTML galleries but that was pretty clumsy.  I'd still like to continue using Picasa to manage pictures on my desktop, including creating albums and adding captions.  Picasa stores the captions as IPTC data. 

I've uploaded pictures from a previously created Picasa album into Piwigo.  I can see the caption in the metadata but cannot get it to show as picture title. 

I've added and activated several plugins that seem to address metadata as well as adding some IPTC commands to LocalEditor. Still no joy.

Oooh!  Oooh! Nevermind.  An apparent offhand comment about resyncing in the metadata page I initially ignored and then the fact that the synchronization page defaults to simulation fooled me.  Got my captions now, which is nice.

I added a plugin named Advanced Metadata but haven't activated it because it has a flag that says it is incompatible.  (Is that a warning from a reviewer or something autogenerated based on data?)  I note the author doesn't seem to have posted in several years.

I also downloaded a program Picasa2Piwigo.  It runs and installs locally but when activated it declares I don't have Picasa.

It would be useful if the articles in the Piwigo Wiki had dates on them so there would be some hint whether they were still applicable.

Still a stretch goal, but thank you.


Piwigo version

        Piwigo 2.8.5


        Operating system: Linux
        PHP: 5.5.38 (Show info) [2017-01-15 17:22:06]
        MySQL: 5.5.52-0+deb7u1-log [2017-01-15 17:22:06]
        Graphics Library: External ImageMagick 6.8.9-9


        16 photos (first photo added on Saturday 14 January 2017)
        2 albums included 1 physical and 1 virtual (16 associations)

Piwigo URL:



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