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Does Imagick cause a FastCGI problem that crashes Piwigo website?

Hello ,
Since several months I have problems with my 2 PHP-sites (based on Piwigo and Matomo).
They crash unpredictably (Server Error 500) which seems to be caused ba a FastCGI problem.
An expert from says that it is caused by Imagick.
He states that I should replace my present version of Imagick by a previous version.
He then points me to a zip-file that is quite different from what I have been using (that worked until 3 months ago).
My question is: do you know what the correct version should be and which parts should I implement?
Or is something else causing FastCGI-problems?

Friendly regards,

[2018-01-06 19:53 UTC]
Thanks for the report.
An issue I see for sure, is that you use ImageMagick library from an incompatible version.
Please check a 6.x version from .
Note that only some basic ImageMagick parts are included with the extension release builds,
unpack the suitable library and put it onto the path.

My answer:
Hello AB,
The zip-file that you advise has a different content from what I used in the past to include
in the PHP-folder for running PHP-websites in IIS10 (C:\...\PHP\v7.1\ext).
I used, and from this file I only included the DLL's as mentioned
by others ( … k-windows/) on several websites:
and php_imagick.dll
The zip-file I used, can be found in … /3.4.3rc4/ ,
so not in the folder you mentioned ( ).
Thus, now I am confused what is the correct zip, especially because 'your' zip-file does not contain php_imagick.dll .
Imagick is only used by Piwigo (photo gallery) and not by Matomo (visitor analytics, previously known as Piwik).
Both these websites still crash with server error 500.
Do you have any further advice?
Friendly regards,

Original post in :
[2017-11-27 15:09 UTC]
Hello expert,
Recently, my websites running (on the same 32-bit webserver) under PHP version 7.1.7 crash many times (Internal Server Error 500),
or are 'frozen' in a process (Loading data...) which does not end.
The Internal Server Error is traced back to a FastCGI problems/failures.
Sometimes, refreshing the browser-window (F5 or ctrl-R) helps, but often I have to restart my webserver entirely (hard-reboot).

Error message:
"HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error. The FastCGI process has failed frequently recently. Try the request again in a while."

A. Example: Piwigo (online photo album showcase):
Clicking in album categories of Piwigo and on individual photo's for detail-page cause the same FastCGI error message.
This happens especially when handling GIF-animations, which are resized on the fly by the Imagick-plugin.
(The website also contains the PicLens 3D Wall plugin [Adobe Flash]).

The Imagick-plugin in Piwigo needs C++ runtime:
This will not work in combination with the latest version: Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2017 Redistributable (x86) 14.10.25017
This may work with: Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86) - 14.0.23026 , but often results in 'frozen' webserver.

B. Example: Piwik (web-statistics analysis, now called Matomo):
Clicking on the webpages of Piwik, navigation towards a monitored website:
Piwik: Settings | Websites | Manage -->
Piwik-site page gets stuck in 'Loading data...' or displays error message:
"HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error. The FastCGI process has failed frequently recently. Try the request again in a while."
The statistically calculated content of the Piwigo-site (visitor activities) is often blanc in Piwik detail-pages, and sometimes filled with appropriate data.

Overal performance: these PHP-sites have become slow and unpredictable.
(As webbrowser, I used the updated versions of: Edge, Firefox and Opera.)

Do you know what could be the main cause of this FastCGI problem?
Do you know what the correct combination/implementation/settings should be, to get these websites working properly,
regarding versions of: Matomo(Piwik), Piwigo, Imagick, Visual C++ Redistributable, PHP - FastCgi ?

Piwigo 2.9.2 (
Piwik 3.2.0

Operating system: WINNT: Windows 10 prof 32bit, webserver: IIS 10
PHP: 7.1.7 [2017-11-21]
MySQL: 5.5.54

Imagick Graphics Library: External ImageMagick 7.0.5-1
Installed on webserver:
a) ImageMagick-7.0.5-1-Q16-x86-dll.exe (desktop software).
b) Relevant content of: (PHP-extension).

Friendly regards,



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