#1 2018-06-03 22:04:11


Piwigo on a NanoPi K1 plus


Hello group I am new here and searching I didn’t find much. I’m new to piwigo and love what I have seen on YouTube. We are recently going to have a baby this year and wanted to use piwigo as a site where people can upload the their photos to and share with other from the babyshower, birth and more. I am trying to install piwigo on a FriendlyARM NanoPi K1 plus. Does any know if and how well piwigo works on a pi and have some instructions as to what’s all needed? This pi has a bigger cpu and more memory that the traditional pi3 b+ I hope someone can provide some guidance on this and add input if these have enough horsepower to accomplish what I want, if not can anyone provide another software to use that I can host from a pi.



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