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Local sync hangs on a small gallery


First of all, thank you for this great piece of software. I find the amount of customization very cool.

I have some issues with Local Synchronization:
Currently, my gallery has 5 albums and 261 photos and about 10 videos (mp4). I upload everything via FTP to /galleries and I use Local synchronization. From what I've understood, when adding a new album, it's best to do the sync in 2 steps:
1. do a 'directories only' sync
2. then restrict the sync to the newly added album and do a 'directories and files' sync

- When I do step 1 in 'simulation' mode, the process never ends (I eventually get a Gateway error)
- When I do step 1 and unchecking 'simulation' mode, the same thing happens, the process never ends. But when I return to the sync page, I see that the new folder is in the list of Albums so It was correctly added to the DB

Then I do step 2 :
- In 'simulation' mode the page loads instantly: I get the summary of the images on the newly created album
- When I try again with 'simulation' mode unchecked, again the page hangs and I get a Gateway error. But if I check on the front-end, I see that all my images are present.

So in the end, the sync does its job correctly, but it always hangs, even with a small amount of files (the last sync I did was with a folder with 10 files). I had read that people with large galleries can have issues with sync hanging. But with a small gallery as mine, this should be much faster, no?

Also, I do not know if it is related, but on the dashboard, the total size is 3GB when in reality it's 10GB+ (each of the videos is between 200 MB and 1GB+)

I'm hosting piwigo on a shared hosting plan. I did not encounter any performance issues with any of the other applications I host on the same plan.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Piwigo version: 2.9.3
PHP version: 7.0
MySQL version: 10.1.31-MariaDB-cll-lve
Plugins installed:
- CheckFilesIntegrity
- Crypto Captcha
- Exif View
- Force HTTPS
- gdThumb
- LanguageSwitch
- LocalFilesEditor
- OpenStreetMap
- UserAdvManager



#2 2018-06-09 14:37:59

Piwigo Team

Re: Local sync hangs on a small gallery

well you seems to have found all the information... I can't help you, I'm sorry. It might be a security module, a very slow mysql server... very hard to tell

To get a better help : Politeness like Hello-A link-Your past actions precisely described
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who I am and what I do :
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#3 2018-06-11 18:08:54


Re: Local sync hangs on a small gallery


I've narrowed down the issue a bit: the problem occurs definitely because of the video files:
- if I do the step 2 only with image files, the execution is instant
- the same if i do it for video files after un-checking 'synchronize metadata'
- but if 'synchronize metadata' is checked, even for a single video file, the execution hangs.
I've noticed that when this happens a new row is added to the images table, with all columns filled except filesize, width and height. The row is added pretty instantly after I launch the sync.
Also, when the execution hangs, I've noticed the RAM and IO consumption on my hosting spikes.

So could it be that when 'synchonize metadata' is checked, the sync process needs to read the video file completely in order to fill the filesize, image height and width ? That would explain the IO consumption.

Also, is there any place where I could see any logs entries about the sync process ? I've set the DEBUG logging level, but in the log files in _data/logs, I don't seem to find any entries for the sync process.

This only concerns the hangs on step 2 (sync directories+files). The hangs for step 1 (sync directories only) are intermittent.

Thanks again



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