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How to add persistant value to session variable?

Hi Folks,

I use Piwigo included in my website and now Im searching for a way to give it a backlink to my site. The Links are pointing directly into the Albums and I want the Root/Home Link from Piwigo pointing back to the corresponding page of my site.
Actuelly I use the $_SESSION['back'] variable on my Site with the $conf['gallery_url'] to tell Piwigo where to go back. In the local/config/ I have added something like

if (!empty($_SESSION['back'])) {
  $conf['gallery_url'] = $_SESSION['back'];

For the first call of the albumsite this works fine. But a simple reload kills the backlinkurl. It returns to root. May someone please give me a hint, how to store the backlinkurl while surfing Piwigo?

Thank you all !

Piwigo version: v2.9.3
PHP version: 5.3.15
MySQL version: 5.5.33
Piwigo URL:
There is a jump-in to Piwigo from: with the Sessionvariable set.



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