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Using both home network installation and Hosted service


1. I'm about to have both home network setup and hosted service of Piwigo. Home setup is to let the family members (read: Kids) to do the captions and metadata for the pictures and hosted is for accessing, sharing and having backup outside home. Idea is to have same albums in both home and hosted setups.

- What would be the best way to sync the home setup and hosted setup?
- Some metadata will be created directly with Piwigo, some with Lightroom.

2. Does Piwigo support metadata updating only via sync?
- If I have an album London 2018 uploaded into the hosted Piwigo and then I add more metadata into those photos and I want to synchronize those onto the service.

3. Does the Piwigo hosted support album based permissions
- User Group "Family" would see all albums
- User Group "Relatives" would see All my public albums (example travel, sport, etc)
- User Group "families of my kids sport team" would see only sport album
4. Does the Piwigo hosted support sub-album(?) based permissions
- Group "Family" would see all 2300 photos from London 2018 trip
- Group "Relatives" would see top 30 sub-album London 2018 trip               

Piwigo hosted: not yet but Personal
Piwigo version: Latest available
PHP version: 7.2
MySQL version: MariaDB



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