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Uploader corrupting large files


I am having a problem with uploading large video files. It seems to be an issue with chunking and reassembling the upload. I can observe the partial file being created in the buffer folder up to the point it finishes. But once the file finishes, renaming and integrating seems to fail consistently for any file larger than ~400MB. Occasionally the same happens on smaller files as well. What I am left with is a file with the size of the last chunk, e.g. after uploading an mp4 with 467778KB the final file after uploading will be 278KB because of the 500KB chunks.

Everything should be set up to accept large files, php.ini has the right settings and I do see the intermittent upload/buffer/*.part file arrive with the correct size.

There is nothing really relevant in the log other than ffmpeg failing on the corrupted files. I can see some errors in the browser console though: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'result' of null" at i on line 70 of the javascript in _data/combined/ after o.Uploader.FileUploaded gets called. Trying to read the minified javascript however is.. too much for me. Thought to ask here before wasting more time on this. Tried on firefox and chrome with identical results.

If anyone has an idea of what is going on or if I have made some obvious mistakes while setting up, please let me know. I would like to let some friends upload vacation videos and prefer not to force them to install an ftp client.

Thank you.

Piwigo 2.10.1
PHP: 7.3.11-1~deb10u1
MySQL: 5.5.5-10.0.28-MariaDB-2+b1



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