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upload speed limited to 4mbps, upload stuck at 100%

Hi. Just started testing Piwigo, and immediately ran into weird problems.

I'm hosting Piwigo on my own Windows 2012R2 server at home. The server is connected to computers with 1Gbps Ethernet.

When uploading images through web form, the upload speed is limited to exactly 533000 bytes per second (+-200 bytes). I have tested different computers/browsers, with/without antivirus and firewalls - result is the same.

I have PhpBB board on the same server, and also tested a very simple PHP file upload script - no issues, I'm uploading to both sites at wire speed (1Gbps).

Initially, I had a rather old installation - Apache 2.2, PHP 5.3. So I went through all the trouble and upgraded to latest Apache and PHP v7.4. Unfortunately, that did not help with upload speed, and introduced a new problem - after file is uploaded, status says "Uploaded 0/1 files", and progress bar stucks on 100% forever. But the file are uploaded correctly, and visible in albums. If I upload multiple files at once - only the first file is uploaded, status says "Uploaded 0/5 files", and progress bar stucks on ~20% forever.

I have nothing in Apache/PHP logs. Only in PHP log there is deprecation warning:
PHP Deprecated:  Invalid characters passed for attempted conversion, these have been ignored in D:\http\foto\include\template.class.php on line 1903.
I suppose it is due to very "new" PHP, I admit my mistake, but it would be nice that Piwigo system requirements would clearly state supported PHP versions.

When uploading with Firefox, I can see the following error in developer console:
NotFoundError: Node was not found

During upload, there is no CPU/memory issues on server at all, basically it sits idling all the time.

Piwigo URL:

Piwigo 2.10.2 Check for upgrade
Operating system: WINNT
PHP: 7.4.13 (Show info) [2020-12-22 17:27:21]
MySQL: 5.1.43-community-log [2020-12-22 17:27:21]
Graphics Library: GD bundled (2.1.0 compatible)



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