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User Permissions


First of all, I have to say sorry if this has been raised before and answered so many times before but after many years of using piwigo I am struggling... and having spent some time trawling through the forum I can't find a definitive and easy answer.

I have 5 users. This is what I want them to be able to do.

1. Be able to login with a username and password
2. Be able to create albums and to be able to decide if those albums are PUBLIC or PRIVATE
3. Be able to upload pictures.
4. Be able to delete their own photos and their own albums.

Basically, I want these people to have control of there own "space"

Obviously, if I make all my 5 users 'administrators' then they will see the other 'administrators' albums and pictures. I do not want that.

I tried the Community plugin which is ok, it allows users to create albums and upload pictures but again these albums and pictures are all visible to everyone else.

I've been using piwigo since 2010 (ish) but only as a single user and I understand the idea of album visibility etc.

Would one solution be to just create another piwigo instance for each user? I don't know.

Thank you all


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