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moving Piwigo installation from cPanel to DirectAdmin host


Currently I have a Piwigo installed on a host that uses cPanel and I am looking to move to a host that uses DirectAdmin. I know that there is supposed to be a tool for account migration from cPanel to DA, but I am not sure if it would work for the Piwigo installation and I prefer to move everything manually. I read several threads here and tried to follow the directions, but it didn't work, so I am looking for some help.

There are two specifics of the situation:
- I only have web-based access to the cPanel and DA accounts
- the account names (that are used for prefixes for the databases) are different

This is what I did:
- exported the database from the cPanel account into a file using the cPanel web interface
- zipped and downloaded the contents of piwigo/upload/ from the cPanel account
- installed Piwigo on the DA account using Softaculous, in the process it created a new database
- replaced the content of piwigo/upload/ on the DA account with the one that I got from the cPanel account
- imported the contents of the database from the file in the first step into the newly created (in the third step) one on the DA account

Then when I went to the web interface of the DA Piwigo installation, it said that there are no photos at all.

What I am doing wrong or is there anything else that I should do (perhaps related to the database prefixes)?



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Re: moving Piwigo installation from cPanel to DirectAdmin host

update the database config file with the new server info.
Or just reinstall core files and run installation again.

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Skåne, Sweden

Re: moving Piwigo installation from cPanel to DirectAdmin host

I have DA on my host - also moved away from cpanel clutter a few years ago - so let me know if you have any questions.

Seems you have Softacolous and I have Installatron, but aside from that I imagine it might be similar.



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