#1 2021-03-27 06:46:48


New registered user on my piwigo gallery - Can't log out completely


I have got most things working now .. However when a new user registers, this is no problem, but when they log out, the content is still available for all to see on that computer - no good on a shared computer (although I'm only showing family images) Please advise how to change settings for completely log out - This is important

Other issues:

Charlies plugin:

Initially I had issues with this plugin - but after upgrading PHP to 7.xx it's more or less working now - However there are still these issues:

1. There is a red triangle saying this app does not work with this version of piwigo - it does work
2. PDF/Video/MP3 work OK - But how do you associate a thumbnail with these files - right now I have a big ?mark as thumbnail

Please advise the above

Thanks so much!



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