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Rogues Gallery

Need some advice on whether Piwigo will work for me.

Hi everybody,

A Note for the mods.

Before I go any further, I just want to note that I've read the posting guidelines in regards to asking mutlple questions but from my understanding of them, said guidelines are aimed at preventing people from asking for solutions to two problems in the one thread. My thread contains mutliple questions but I'm not looking to solve an issue, so I'm hoping this thread doesn't fall foul of any guidelines or rules.


  I'm looking for a FOSS gallery solution that will fulfil a few ket requirements. I'm pretty sure Piwigo ticks most if not all of the boxes but I was hoping to get some feedback or further advice in regards to whether I'm goinig about things the right way.

I'll be running Piwigo in an Unpriviledged LXC container on my Proxmox (Debian) server. The pictures themseleves are stored on a ZFS dataset, which I want to "pass" to the container using what's called an "lxc bind mount". If anyone wants me to explain this paragraph in more detail, please feel free to ask.

Here are my requirements / priorities for my gallery software.

1. I want to leave my pictures and the folder structure in which they are stored, untouched.
- A big reason for this requirement is that I want to maintain the ability to checksum the files on my server against the backups I have of them.
- Furthermore, I also want my files to be software agnostic, so that potentially migrating to other solutions is easy.

2. I want to minimise the amount of storage Piwigo needs (in part, to make the backups of the LXC container where Piwigo is installed, as small as I can).

3. The ability to have an entirely LAN only server / no requirement for a FQDM.

I have a few questions...

4. Further to requirement 2, above. Can Piwigo generate thumbnails on the fly rather than having to store thousands of them?

5. Can Piwigo slow a slideshow from search results?
- What I mean is, if you search for an image on Windows or Linux, and then view it as a slideshow. The next image in the slideshow will be the next image in the original image's folder rather than the next search result.

6. Can you search using multiple tags, so that Piwigo only displays pictures with all of the selected / searched for tags?
- i.e. if I search for pictures tagged "Millennium Falcon" and "texture", I wan the search results to only show my textures for my Millennium Falcon model, and not any other texture or any of the hundreds of Millennium Falcon images I have.

7. How robust is Piwigo's security when it comes to allowing restricted access to guest users?
- I'm sorry if this is a somehwat nebulous question but what I'm basically asking is... when I want to allow an untrusted user to access a select few galleries, and prevent them from downloading high quality versions of the files, how well does Piwigo cope? How easy would it be for a tech savvy guest to access files/galleries I haven't explicitly shared with them?



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Re: Need some advice on whether Piwigo will work for me.

4. yes, but it could be slow.
Further more, if the thumbnail is already stored in the jpg file (with good width and height), it is possible to retrieve it without creating a spare thumb file. I hold this tiny piece of code, inserted in i.php, it is not a plugin. Avoiding storage for thumbnails is good, but depending on your theme, and the browsing devices, it may be a tiny save for the cost. I wonder if piwigo can display picture in their original size, so if not, the "displayed size(s)" picture(s) will have to be calculated and stored.



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