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#1 2021-07-09 11:07:38


Issues after installing Beta 12.0.0beta1


I installed the 12.0.0beta1 on my test server and I came accross two issues.

1. I tried to open any Admin page, but I got an error that the table piwigo_piwigo_lounge does not exists. I created it manually in MySQL and that allowed me to enter the Admin main page. This time I got a hint that some db uprade steps are missing. So I clicked on that link and it took me to the upgrade_feed.php. The upgrade failed because the lounge table was already present. I removed it manually and reloaded the upgrade_feed.php and the 2 upgrade steps were performed. ==> I guess that the check for upgrade should take place BEFORE the piwigo_lounge table is accessed, right?

2. I tried to use the LocalFiles Editor, but I do not have a list of plugins to use. All I can do is to display the list of plugins and filter by active, inactive and all. Do I miss something?

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  •  » Issues after installing Beta 12.0.0beta1

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