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#1 2021-08-29 11:51:28


Help to set up an image bank


I want to set up an image bank to sell photos and videos. Can anyone help out? If so please send a qoute to info@lapplandmedia.se

This is the page but I’m open to add a subdomain if the image bank cannot be placed inside a WP builder.


These are the functions I want:

1.                         Read EXIF metadata from images/film clips and expose them selected metadata such as keywords, description for each image in the image bank
2.                         Setup the image bank to be used as an eshop (multiple image uploads and auto metadata). Checkout via credit card or bill later.
3.  Set up image cathegories and a make it possible to filter the images from keywords and/or cathegories.
4. Nice layout that goes in the same style as the lapplandmedia.se site
5. Water mark protection of images/video
6.                         Create a module to allow the purchase of credits instead of direct image/video items
7.                         Write a JS application to read metadata for video files from an external source XMP
8.                         Module that allows the search of images in a region selected on a map. This function integrated with the keyword search.
9.                         Section on eshop for sale of Fine Art Prints.
10. Upload video files on a local host and display video clips (mp4) with metadata. Thumbnail automatically extracted from videofile (eg the first frame in the video).

I guess most of these functions already exist as extensions but probably not all.

If you have example sites that is cloose to what I want it would be great to see.

If you think there are other systems that Piwigo that might be even better it would be nice to get your honest opionon.

Just tell me if something above is not clear enough.

All the best from Sweden,


Piwigo URL: http://


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