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VideoJS // Nginx Webserver Docker-Compose // mount ffmpeg directory


my Piwigo photogallery is running on a Synology NAS within a Docker-Environment.
More exactly, MariaDB and a NGINX Webserver are running as docker containers and enable thus the installation of piwigo.

To create thumbnails in the above mentioned plugin VideoJS, I have to install ffmpeg.
So I installed ffmpeg as a package on the Synology NAS OS.

The next step would be to mount the ffmpeg-directory at the right place into the NGINX Webserver container, to make it reachable for the VideoJS plugin. Right?

I guess at this point I need help, how to mount ffmpeg correctly to the Webserver. I tried the following in a docker-compose file:



      - /usr/bin/ffmpeg:/usr/bin/ffmpeg

But this does not work.  VideoJS couldn't find ffmpeg.

Now I'm searching for a solution, how to install and set up ffmpeg correctly. I'm a verry newbie in server stuff, like this. So I would be verry thankful for every kind of help.

Do you know another, better forum for questions like this? Please let me know.

Thanks for your help in advance. Best regards - Daniel


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